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The Early Folk Band plays Early Folk Music

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The musicians of The Early Folk Band, all leading performers of 'early' music, have come together for a new project: the reconstruction of early folk music. From England, Sweden and Germany the musicians bring with them the traditional music of their own countries as well as an enormous practical experience of the music of the middle ages, Renaissance and Baroque. 'Folk music' has always influenced 'art music' and vice versa. The vision of the band is to bridge the gap between early and folk musics for the 21st c. Renaissance and Baroque music from the south and traditional music from the north join in a unique European musical experience. Like the wind, music knows no boundaries in space and time.

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The Early Folk Band
Gesine Bänfer - Shawm, gaita, Northumbrian small pipes, whistles, dulcimer, frame drums
Ian Harrison - Northumbrian small pipes, shawm, cornett, gaita, whistles, harp
Miriam Andersén - Voice, harp, bones
Susanne Ansorg - Fiddles, tamburello
Steve Player - Renaissance guitar, cittern, dance

Tarleton dancing his jig from London to Norwich
early new music
ars supernova

new early music
Council of Constance
Ad modum tubae
Johannes Ciconia - 1412
Early Folk Music

The Noyse

Winds & Dance
Alta Danza
A great Renaissance Ball

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...and he called for his pipers three
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